print sale: pictures are an education

print sale: pictures are an education

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I’m offering a number of handmade silver prints, made from pictures in this set, for a reduced price for the next few weeks…

I’m currently studying to finish a long-paused degree, having picked it up again after a gap of twenty years. Unfortunately, I’m a bit short of funds and so need to raise the necessaries or put the studies on hold for another year. I’m hoping to start my next course, in art history, so that I can go on and apply to study for a masters. But, I need to pay for it in a month’s time. Towards that end, I’m selling some prints at a rather reduced price.

Each print is hand-printed by me on silver gelatin fibre-based paper, and toned. They are printed on 8×10" paper, so the image size is slightly smaller than that to allow for proper mounting. I will mount and window mat them, to a standard size (based on where you are, so, 12×16 inches or 30×40 centimetres, as appropriate.) They will be shipped in the first week of December, so, just in time for the holidays.

$95 each, plus postage. Or £60 including registered delivery in the UK.

The original images are either 4×5" wet plate collodion on clear glass, or pinhole photographs on 4×5" film.

Wouldn’t you like to give yourself a handmade silver print? Any questions, please just email me at

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