Norm Sarachek: 17 January in NYC

Norman Sarachek will be discussing his chemigram work at the f295 21st Century Photography symposium on Sunday, January 17 at B & H Photo in New York City. Sarachek’s cameraless photographic work is incredibly beautiful, and really pushes the edges of the possible.

Sarachek will join six other photographers in a discussion of unusual photographic techniques. In Sarachek’s hands the chemigram process, first described in 1956 by Belgian professor Pierre Cordier, is used in a unique way. Working much like a painter or print-maker, but using only photo paper, resist, light, and chemicals, his work bridges the aesthetic of painting and print-making with the materials of photography. There is no “taking” of a photograph. Rather, each image is conceived of and created completely by the artist as a unique work of art.

Seven photographers working with unusual photographic processes will describe their techniques at this event, Sunday, January 17, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm. The Symposium is free but space is limited. More information can be found at B & H Photo online The B&H Event Space is at 9th Avenue and 34th Street, New York, NY.

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