sunprints, shadowprints and photograms

tulips, by imagemkr1

A handful of artists working with photograms, sunprints, and shadowprints:

  • Daniel Ranalli spent ten years working almost exclusively with photograms, likening his beautiful work to something a “…bit like drawing with invisible ink – nothing you are doing reveals itself until the sheet of paper is developed – at which point it is too late to change anything.”
  • Wolfgang Reichmann exposes photograms onto black and white paper, that, over time changes from orange to pink to purple depending on the make. These are then fixed, but not developed, to preserve the colours.
  • KuniĆ© Sugiura‘s work ranges from delicate wisps of wire and flowers to huge, striking body-photograms of boxers and artists including Jasper Johns
  • James Welling‘s chromogenic photogram prints of flowers are a nice, contemporary-design twist on a long tradition
  • Harry Nankin has a long practice of cameraless photography, and is currently making shadowgrams of living plants and falling rain in the Tasmanian rainforests.

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  1. Matt Callow Says:

    KuniĆ© Sugiura was in town last night, giving a talk to accompany a group show she’s in at UMMA. Wow, her slides were wonderful, I particularly loved her botanicals stuff. Now I *really* want to see some of her early work in the flesh…