Luminograms, bodygrams, and photograms

Seeds of Green Starlight, by Reciprocity (image copyright Alan Jaras)

More luminograms (nothing but light itself thrown onto film or paper), photograms (objects placed directly on the light-sensitive material), body grams (where the photogram is made of body), and other variations on this rich seam of cameraless photography:

  • Alan Jaras uses glass and plastics to throw caustics and light refractions directly onto 35mm film, creating an incredible range of wild, bright, delicate, complex patterns. See this series, too, where he’s using shaped and formed plastics to control the patterns in other ways. Beautiful.
  • Ute Lindner‘s cyanograms are shown on and between glass. I’m not entirely sure what these are, or how they are made, but they are lovely things.
  • Michel Flomen‘s Higher Ground is a series of large positive prints from photogram (maybe luminogram) negatives of fireflies.
  • Seze Devres has a big, beautiful site full of her abstract colour photogram work.
  • Natalie Ital uses multiple flash exposures on cibachome to make large, bright, colourful body photograms, layering images, objects, and poses together.
  • Henri Foucault makes simpler body photogram works in black and white.
  • Agnes Eperjesi made a series of body photograms of newborn babies.
  • Anne Ferran‘s work includes some ghostly, delicate photograms of nineteenth century women’s clothing
  • Erika Blumenfeld‘s Light Graphs–Winter Solstice luminogram project was a series of hundreds of polaroids, one exposed directly to the light for two seconds for each minute from just before sunrise to just after dark.

and, taking things even further, Kosmos is a rather mindblowing photogram film. Made in 2005, by David Finkelstein, this was made by growing crystals directly onto film, and then shining light through them. Five glorious minutes of hypnotic, vertigo-inducing beauty (though I’d recommend watching with the sound off).

It looks like this is turning into photogram week, so there’s still lots more cameraless photography to come…

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