photograms: botanics, bugs, and bodies

Ether 8, by Stefanie Valentin

Photograms began with plants and flowers, with Anna Atkins making botanical cyanotypes in the 1840s, and it still seems like a rich vein to mine in contemporary work. I’ve already posted links to some artists who work with bugs, botanics, and bodygrams, but here’s more of the good stuff:


Dandelion, by David Dennison


Awakening, stages I-IV, by Glenn Friedel

and a few more bodies…

  • Glenn Friedel has been making large, bright, energetic body prints for over a decade
  • Mark Mangan has a set of six lively black and white body photograms on Flickr

and, yes, there’s even more to come. Tomorrow: science is beautiful.

2 Responses to “photograms: botanics, bugs, and bodies”

  1. CK Says:

    oh Katie!, these bug photograms are great! thanks for sharing.

  2. Frances Says:

    this is simply awesome stuff.. I also like the design of your blog..

    am a serious amateur photographer myself.. have some work on my site..

    regards and good luck…

    Frances Del Rio