Mark Tweedie

mark tweedie two frogs in ice

Two Frogs in Ice by Mark Tweedie

I am completely in love with some of Mark Tweedie’s pinhole work, particularly the Still Life in Ice series he made last winter, freezing things into blocks of ice. I keep going back to look at them, particularly this one of two mummified frogs.

I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations with Mark about the mixed feelings one has about revealing the nitty gritty of setting up and making images, and whether it can add or subtract from the viewer’s enjoyment in the results, or how it changes the way someone looks, but the behind the scenes details about making his series Dream of Flight is worth reading, for the thinking behind the series as well as the “ahh… so that’s how” lightbulb moments. I can’t find the series on his own gallery site, but they are on Mark’s gallery on, or tucked into his blog.

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