who, what, huh?

what is this?

This is a blog about pinhole photography, and related forms. It’s partly a behind-the-scenes notebook about work in progress, projects and general thinking aloud, but, currently, it’s mostly about other artists, techniques, kit, exhibitions, theories, history, or whatever as I find them.

This blog is not my main gallery site.

who is this?

Among many other things, I’m:

  • a pinhole photographer;
  • a writer, a reader, and a general trouble-maker;
  • in love with snarl;
  • English;
  • living in the middle of Edinburgh;
  • itching to travel again;
  • fond of deserts, maps, stories & stars;
  • towards the end of my 30s;
  • easily distracted;
  • and very bad at writing biogs.

I’m also known as heyoka.

the best way to contact me is by sending mail to slowlight@slowlight.net

pinhole? huh?

Photography without a lens. It’s about as low tech as you can get: I use cardboard or wooden boxes as cameras, and paper or sheet film negatives. Exposures are long, the depth of field is longer. It’s very close to magic.

Baffled? You could start with a little history, see what other people are doing, or try making your own.